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Rusty Blade
The Team: Eddie, Joe, Manny
Beard Shape up
Low 1 Fade Taper
Medium Low Skin Fade
Classic Cut & Beard Trim
Hard Part
Regular Haircut
Skin Fade
Skin Fade & Beard Cleanup
Comb Over
Beard Trim
Side Part
Gentleman's Shave
Classic Haircut
Side Part Taper
Faux Hawk, Hard Part Fade
Undercut & Beard Clean up
Hard Part Fade
Faded Beard & Skin Fade
Beard Trim
Classic Cut & Beard Trim
Quiff on top, Hard Part Fade
Long Horseshoe Mustache
Hi-top Fade
Medium Fade
Classic Cut, Natural Taper
Low Skin Fade
Medium Lenght Flow Top & Fade
Short Mullet
Custom Fade
Beard Trim & Shave
Medium Fade, Short Flow on Top
Fade & Slick Back
Side Part, Medium Fade
Medium Length Quiff
Medium Fade, Slick Back
Ivy League & Fade
Long Hair Mullet
Quiff, Fade & Hard Part
Scissors Haircut & Natural Taper
Medium Fade & Beard Trim
Flow haircut & Taper
Classic Cut, natural Taper
Classic Medium Slick Back
Comb Over
Medium Fade
Medium Fade, Tapers & Beard Trim
Skin Fade Medium
Skin Fade Medium
Curled Mullet
Medium Fade, Side Part
Beard Trim
Side Part, Skin Fade Medium
Skin Fade, High
Neck Shave

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