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Work Week for MANNY:

Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat


Days off- Sunday, Monday


MANNY is a seasoned pro when it comes to skin fades. He will make you look sharp, and ready to take on the week. Fast, efficient, and yet not lacking in detail or quality. Book once with him, and you will quickly realize that you have found your Barber. Manny is out of Chula Vista, and is excited to have a change of pace. coming form a shop where he produced 15 to 20 flawless haircuts daily! He is ready to focus on even more quality, not quantity. Manny is also very much into Tequilas and interior design and has made both his hobbies, ask and he will shed light on the subjects. 

(619) 305-8022

Manny's Services

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